Conference Writing

We will help you prepare, structure and write content for any Conference which will be articulate, impactful and will communicate your key messages in the most memorable and effective way possible.

One example of this would be our “Court in the Act” which is a Conference in the form of a courtroom drama. We put one or more of your Directors in the Dock accused of causing Grievous Bodily Harm to your competition due to your brilliant Sales and Marketing strategies. Instead of your keynote speakers just presenting from a lectern, they can be cross-examined by the prosecuting and defending barristers played by actors. Evidence can be presented in the form of questions, cross examination, physical exhibits, video evidence, slides, graphs and expert witnesses.

Tense court-room drama combines with hilarious comedy to transform a potentially dry, predictable Sales Conference into a dramatic presentation.


“I apologise for writing such a long letter, I did not have the time to write a shorter one”
Blaise Pascal

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